Ready for Hot Girl Summer 2k21! The Antidote to Loungewear

Ready for Hot Girl Summer 2k21! The Antidote to Loungewear

Following a year of restrictions, we are ready for a return to socializing, dating and summer beach parties. The question is do we even remember how to dress? 

 Well, here's a recap plus a summary of what's trending. 

Are you ready to bring sexy back?

Over the past 15 months, like everything in our lives, Hot Girl Summer 2020 was cancelled. Just as we were ushering in Spring and preparing to take our slay from city streets to the chicest beaches, a global pandemic stopped the world. Overnight everything in our lives - both personally and professionally - required a reimagining.

And the new 'work-from-home' routine certainly influenced what designers turned out as well. From how we shop, to how we work, to how we work out - the fashion world was tested. While many schlepped around in sweats for a few months and some suffered ‘Zoom’ tops with no bottoms mishaps, we eventually settled in and comfort chic quickly became the rage. Suddenly, the 'new normal' was lounge or activewear (Prada and Celine, we’re looking at you) with slippers or sneakers as we resolved to be under lockdown for the long haul.

Now, despite the ups and the downs, the sweet sound of freedom is beginning to permeate the air.

Hot Girl Summer 2k21 Trends

And with that, our desire to get dressed up again is stronger than ever. From mini skirts to mini dresses, underwear as outerwear, bralettes and cutouts 2k21 summer trends are all about bringing sexy back. 

Summer 2021 Trends Sheer Glitter

Oh! And apparently all that glitters isn't gold as metallic silver is the way to shine.

Finally, we've peeped a lot of sheer fabrics and hot pants in our Instagram feed. But, are hot pants really ever not in vogue? 

Paired with this, there’s a renewed sense of eco-consciousness and resourcefulness. In fact, many designers are considering upcycling deadstock to minimize waste and optimize fabrics.

In 1999, Missy Elliott famously monikered Hot Boyz. We think it's time for a Missy-Meg Hot Girlz Summer remix. Thoughts?

Also, don't forget to tell us your all-time favs for warm weather plus what you have on the calendar for the Hot Girl Summer reboot? Share it with us now.

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