We celebrate YOU!

It's officially Women's History Month and STUNR, a startup brand, created by women for women is celebrating all of those whose shoulders we stand upon. They broke barriers and shattered glass ceilings so we could all be where we are today. While the work is far from over, here at STUNR we would like to spend this month honoring all women as we reign supreme.

From suffragettes to civil rights pioneers, history makers to future leaders STUNR is a dedication to women past, present and future who won't settle for a piece of the pie, but instead demand the whole feast.

#GirlBoss #Fempreneur #Mompreneur

We have gone by many monikers both positive and negative and history continues to try to define us...

But, always remember...

“Well-behaved women rarely make history."


“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”

– – Eleanor Roosevelt.



Founder & CEO

March 02, 2021 — STUNR Couture

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