STUNR [ stun · ner ]

A strikingly beautiful or impressive person or thing.

Classic and captivating. Elegant and timeless. Comfortable and versatile. STUNR is a luxury lifestyle accessories brand dedicated to creating effortlessly chic pieces that help women elevate their style for any occasion.
Rooted in Italian artistry, craftsmanship and sustainability STUNR sources the finest of Italian textiles to create head turning pieces that seamlessly transition from sleep to chic, from the bed to the streets in seconds.

The cornerstone of our ethos is the creation of eternally tasteful and adaptable pieces that fuse art, culture and history to illustrate to the world that women control their own image and how we wish to be perceived. We are the essence of comfort, polish and cool sophistication in equal measure –  at any hour of the day.



Dedicated to women past and present who don't settle for a piece of the pie but demand the whole freaking feast; the STUNR woman is confident with her style and has a “work hard, play harder” attitude. She is fun, fashionable and seeks an elevated product to match her jet-set lifestyle.

Be it home, work or play, women today have taken total control of their image. And like the suffragists that came before them, they use clothes to define their persona and convey unspoken messages.

But because they are constantly on the go, women require solutions that make a style statement in seconds. Whether running late for that AM Zoom call, a hot “virtual” date, or a PM workout  – STUNR offers a quick, upgrade for any FASHION dilemma. 

We are effortless fashion in a pinch!



It begins with our ready-to-wear turbans and headbands which serve as a stylish fix for any bad hair day and elegant upgrade for any occasion. Whether protecting a blow out, fighting humidity or simply suffering a bad hair day; HAIR, is still the bane of the 21st century woman’s existence and the right accessory is the first line of defense! We call them Couture For Your Head.

No Tying.   No Wrapping.   No Hassle. 

Ki-Mo-NO  Ki-Mo-YES

A timeless trend and instant upgrade to any look, STUNR kimonos offer comfort, coverage and glam in one stylish package. Rooted in the grace of traditional Japanese Tomesode and Haori kimonos our western interpretation perfectly complements any STUNR hair accessory. 

Ideal for the woman who relishes individual expression and views beauty and fashion as a form of self-expression, they are perfect for those who like to easily transition from at-home beguile to street style.

Home, Work, Play – STUNR is the embodiment of effortless sophistication, easy comfort and uncomplicated glam.